Patrick Stewart Launches Singing Career & Charity Album As ‘Cowboy Pat’

Actor extraordinaire Sir Patrick Stewart appears to have launched a singing career under the name Cowboy Pat, after sharing a weird but oh-so-wonderful infomercial in which he sings the cowboy classics which have made him “England’s premier cowboy singer”.

P-Stew’s brilliant mock infomercial as Cowboy Pat (below) sees the actor sing US country classics like Rawhide and Ghostriders In The Sky, in order to try and sell a bunch of albums titled Patrick Stewart’s Cowboy Classics, Songs For Lonesome Lovers, Christmas On The Range and Duets Out West (which ~apparently~ features duets with the likes of Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood).

There’s some brilliant video-editing work in the infomercial, including this space cowboy section…

patrick stewart cowboy pat gif 1

…and this classic cowboy effect:

patrick stewart cowboy pat gif 2

Stewart first shared his brilliant Cowboy Pat creation last week, but did it again on Twitter today while wishing the United States a happy Fourth Of July, saying, “Happy 4th ‘merica, yer a mighty fine country. Luv, Cowboy Pat.”

Interestingly, Stewart’s A+ infomercial links to a website which appears to sell copies of his Cowboy Pat music, but the CDs are supposedly “sold out”.

What you can get your hands on though is a CD sampler of “five smash hits”, from which all proceeds will actually go to the International Rescue Committee, an organisation which helps crisis-affected refugees across the globe.

Catch P-Stew’s Cowboy Classics infomercial below, and head here to try to get your hands on his sampler CD.

Watch: Patrick Stewart’s ‘Cowboy Classics’ Album Trailer

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