People Are Selling Air From Justin Bieber’s Aussie Tour On eBay Now

It recently came to light that someone was selling a “legit bag of air” from Adele’s Adelaide show on eBay, and now some bags of nothing which are supposedly from Justin Bieber‘s latest Aussie tour have also appeared online.

The first bag in question supposedly contains sweet nothings from the front row of Bieber’s recent Brisbane show, and has an asking price of $200 (or a starting bid of $80).

Interesting, the seller is actually located in South Australia according to eBay, which seems a little fishy. They’ve also uploaded three photos of the bag, just in case you weren’t sure what a zip-lock bag full of nothing looks like.


The second bag is also supposedly from the Brisbane show and is asking for a starting bid of $20. It’s a little more tongue-in-cheek, copying the “legit bag of air” from the Adele bag by also having “legit bag of air” written across it.

“Couldn’t get to Justin’s concert? Well how dose [sic] some air sound that he breathed? I was right up the front at his concert in Brisbane!” the seller says.

The Biebs’ 2017 Aussie tour hit up Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney earlier this month, so we might even see more “legit bags” turn up on eBay. But hopefully not.

Have a peek at the bags of air currently up on eBay below, and pray for humanity.

justin bieber air bag ebay

justin bieber air bag ebay 2

Images: eBay

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