Peter Hook to record new Joy Division EP

Can he sink any lower? Aside from planning to tour Joy Division‘s 1979 debut Unknown Pleasures (without the other surviving members no less), bassist Peter Hook has just announced he will be recording a new Joy Division EP, which will essentially consist of his current band The Light covering Unknown Pleasures’ Insight and New Dawn Fades, as well as the 1980 single Atmosphere and Pictures, an unfinished track from 1978 the Hook finished and played live earlier this year.

Seeing a band grow old and tarnish their own image is one thing, but to see a band member shamelessly profiting of a deceased band member’s work is just disgusting. I acknowledge that Hook played a part in writing these songs, but this all just seems like rampant profiteering from a man who after New Order dissolved has been left without a cash cow and has hence gone back to beat the dead corpse of Joy Division.

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