Petition Launched To Stop Proposed 1am Lockouts In Cairns

Since the Queensland government announced its plan to introduce Australia’s toughest liquor lockout laws earlier this week, a petition has been launched to stop any 1am lockouts from being implemented in Cairns.

Created by Cairns local Jeffrey Rufino, the petition hosted on is calling on the state member for Cairns, Rob Pyne, to vote against the government’s controversial proposed laws, which include a 2am last drinks policy and 3am last drinks at venues which agree to implement a 1am lockout.

“Our local MP Rob Pyne is sticking to the party line, rather than listening to and representing the will of the Cairns Community,” the petition reads.

“The proposed law changes stem from problems experienced in Brisbane, however the government is hell bent on forcing early lockout and closure across the state.

“It is unfair and unworkable to force this on Cairns, whose venues have good and improving safety record.”

The petition claims Cairns’ public transport system isn’t strong enough to cope with the proposed lockouts, and suggests the regulations would damage the city’s night-time economy. The petition also suggests having linked ID scanners for all venues trading beyond 2am, as a preventative measure.

“This will weed out the tiny percentage of trouble makers and let this generation of young and emerging Cairns adults enjoy the freedom of choice that generations past have,” says the petition, which has gathered over 250 signatures since launching yesterday.

The Queensland government’s proposed lockout laws were to be debated in parliament today. If they do eventually pass, they will be the toughest late-night drinking laws in Australia.

A 3am lockout currently applies to all late-trading licensed premises across Queensland.

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