Conan O’Brien Has Absolutely Ripped Into NSW’s Lockout Laws

As the music community’s war with the NSW Government and Premier Gladys Berejiklian over the harsh restrictions and regulations placed on festivals heats up, comedy legend Conan O’Brien has weighed in on Sydney’s lockout laws and he is not impressed.

While performing his one-off Australian show at Sydney’s State Theatre last night, O’Brien reportedly criticised the state’s conservative laws when it comes to things like alcohol, marijuana and bars.

As reported by The Guardian, O’Brien made note about how the image Americans have of Australia is so different to what the reality is in his opinion.

“The whole impression that is out there about Australia is that you guys like to party,” he said. “That’s all the advertising. Everything we hear in the United States is if you want to get crazy, if you want to get nuts, go to Australia.

“Then I get here and the first thing I find out is that you’ve outlawed marijuana, it’s illegal here. It’s legal everywhere now, I don’t know if you know that but the United States is the most uptight place in the world and it’s legal there. The Vatican, it’s legal at the Vatican, but not in Australia.”

“…No shots after midnight?,” he continued. “Are you putting up with that? You guys all seem fine with it.”

“Leave the bar after 1.30am and you can’t get back in? That’s the one. I saw that and I thought, ‘You leave the bar after 1.30am and you can’t get back in again?’ I’ve been everywhere. That law doesn’t exist any other place.”

It’s certainly a timely criticism, considering the Don’t Kill Live Music rally is going down tonight and is expecting some massive numbers, with the likes of Ocean Alley, The Rubens and Dan Sultan set to appear.

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