Phil Jamieson Hits Out At Eskimo Joe Crowd Source Funding “For A Shit Album”

In Phil Jamieson’s latest Phil Jamieson moment, the Grinspoon frontman has berated fellow Aussie music royalty Eskimo Joe for their recently announced decision to crowd source their forthcoming album.

According to The Music, when an interviewer suggested a comparison between Grinspoon and Limp Bizkit, the prince of Australian alternative rock responded “Um, Eskimo Joe put out a press release saying they want their fans to give them $40,000!” continuing to say “I’m like, ‘Go and do a fucking tour!’ Your records sell triple platinum, fuck, have a tour! That’s my ten cents worth, Eskimo Joe.”

The project has so far been pretty successful. Through encouraging donations in return for various incentives, the band have raked in $54,700, which is well above their target of $40,000. It’s not the first time crowd sourcing has proven effective, as Jamieson pointed out, both Amanda Palmer and Ben Lee have made use of the new funding platform.

“Amanda Palmer does what she does, that crowd sourcing, crowd funding thing, that’s fine. Ben Lee, fine. Eskimo Joe – multiple Aria Award winners, triple-platinum artists who get a lot of airplay – they’re making a lot of money. Well, enough to raise 40 grand for a shit album, in my opinion… their fans have to not only pay for the record, then buy a fuckin’ ticket to the show! Shit! Give me a break! That’s Phil’s thought for the day!”

Eskimo Joe manager Cath Haridy was having none of it, responding to The Music with “Crowd-funding has allowed the band to engage with the most important people in [their] career, their supporters, while also embracing a new musical landscape… maybe Phil should do the same.”

Jamieson has since recanted his statements, (well, sort of) sending the below tweets.

In other Phil news, he will be performing at Lizotte’s in Kimcumber this weekend.

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