‘Pill-Popping Teacher’ Busted At Future Music Festival

A teacher has been amongst a group of 71 punters who learned a hard lesson in the law at Future Music Festival Melbourne yesterday, reports the Herald Sun. Flemington racecourse was abuzz with 50,000 punters for the event, so the low count means good news for all, well, all but 71.

All the usual suspects – cocaine, cannabis, ecstasy and GHB – were uncovered, hidden in everything from cigarette packets and wallets, to bras and underwear, to god only knows where. Melbourne folk are either more reserved with their recreational drug taking, or much better at hiding their gear than Sydney folk, 140 of whom were arrested on Saturday.

According to The Herald Sun, Senior Sergeant Mark Pilkington has said that throughout the summer festival season, 350 arrests have been made in Victoria. That number is much too high for the Senior Sergeant, who commented, “It is concerning that despite the warnings, there are still people who choose to do the wrong thing. You really have no idea what you are putting in your body, and you have no idea what it will do to you.”

The searches are despised by the majority of ticket holders. Considering that in 2011 NSW documented 14,000 searches that were conducted on people, 11,000 of which were listed as false positive, meaning 4 out of 5 times they found nothing, so the hard facts don’t make it seem any better.

Future Music Festival will head to Adelaide tomorrow.

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