Please Read This Adorable Letter Susan, A Child From Manyallaluk, Just Wrote To Dolly Parton

We all need a bit of a heartwarming story when we’re plagued with news about the coronavirus pandemic, so allow us to help with this adorable letter Susan, a child from the First Nations community of Manyallaluk of Northern Territory, wrote to her idol, Dolly Parton.

The letter, which was written last week and posted on ABC Darwin‘s Facebook page, sees Susan introduce herself to Parton before listing off some of her hobbies.

“I am an Aboriginal kid. I come from the Arnhemland,” Susan wrote.

“Our little community is called Manyallaluk. Sometimes I like to go fishing with my family and I like the songs you sing.”

Susan then goes on to ask Dolly about her life, asking her about her favourite song, her favourite food and even Kenny Rogers, who sadly passed away late last month due to natural causes.

“Did you stop singing? What is your favourite colour? Which song did you like when you sang? Which is your favourite food?

“Your friend Kenny Rogers” – my heart – “visited the Nipbamjen waterfall with a helicopter that is in our country.”

Susan ends her letter by letting Parton know what her favourite song of hers is, and it’s ‘Jolene’. It should be noted that Parton herself said she recently had a run in with the namesake of her megahit.

Read Susan’s letter below, and if anyone reading this knows Dolly personally, please pass this on.

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