PREMIERE: Mid City Drop Topsy-Turvy Video For ‘No Surrender’

Any video that can make you truly question your own sense of gravity is one worth watching, and Melbourne outfit Mid City have done just that for their new video for ‘No Surrender’.

Taken from their upcoming debut EP Die Waiting – which is out tomorrow – ‘No Surrender’ is a breathless, electrifying scorcher of a track, with frontman Joel Griffith’s powerful vocals carrying the song right through to its final moments.

Of the song, Griffith spoke about how its meaning is anchored in the age of social media.

“Now every day is for wrenching the spotlight,” he said in a statement.

“People become twisted, nightmarish versions of themselves catapulting through that rabbit hole. It’s so easy and so indispensable that we become addicts not just to platforms but to a way of acting and portraying ourselves. We say shit we’d never say, we do shit we’d never do, we start to believe shit we’d never believe.”

He also speaks about how the idea of “not surrendering to gravity” inspired the concept for the video.

“It took a whole lot of angular thinking on how to get thing to work properly – we’d tried hanging drums and amps by fishing lines and all kinds of hackish engineering stuff to get the right effect,” he said.

“Even just watching it being filmed was trippy. I felt like I was in an Escher print. Everyone felt nauseous after their takes.”
Mid City’s Die Waiting EP is out Friday, 5th April.
Watch the video for ‘No Surrender’ below.

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