PREMIERE: Sydney’s Hello Bones Ponder The Origins Of The Universe On Blistering New Single ‘Colours’

Hello Bones are preoccupied with life’s big questions. With latest single ‘Colours’, the Sydney rockers aren’t wasting time sweating the small stuff, instead, they’re wrestling with concepts of religious idealism and the origins of the universe, all through a flurry of high-energy rock riffage.

“In a way, ‘Colours’ really kind of wrote itself,” vocalist Hayden Gray tells Music Feeds. “I’d recently read Lawrence Krauss’ A Universe from Nothing and really delved into the idea that ignorance and outdated religious thinking can hold us back and give us a false sense of security. Our incessant need as human beings to explain existence through solace in religious thought forms bothers me to no end. That’s where the really aggressive punk nature of the song comes from.”

Hello Bones channel that tussling internal conflict between “anger and understanding” into the song’s instrumentation and lyrics, with a racket of guitars, thrashing percussion and lyrics that question our place in the universe.

The succession of inspiration doesn’t end there, with the band approaching artist Myles Young to create the single’s artwork. “It’s pretty damn cool how art can inspire art, so we gave him the track to listen to, told him the inspiration behind it and off he went,” explains Gray.

“Fundamentally you’ve got a book that inspires some music that inspired some visual art – that’s pretty fucking cool in my eyes.”

‘Colours’ is out Friday, 25th March, but you can give it a listen right here, right now.

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