PREMIERE: Them Bruins Stream New Track ‘Barrenlands’

Melbourne’s primo purveyors of all things sharp-and-shouty Them Bruins have resurfaced with their reputation as one of the country’s most promising rock bands in tact, brandishing their new brash track Barrenlands, which is getting its Australian premiere right here on Music Feeds.

To their own admission, following 2013’s rapid rise to national radio play wonderland off the back of debut singles Black Widow and Outrun The Future, the Brunswick band entered the studio in the autumn of 2014 to record their debut album only to face the dreaded wall of creative meltdown.

Having emerged from the experience, a little more bruised than expected, the four piece carry with them a brand-new single filled with calculated killer hooks and that trademark ’70s punk-style showmanship.

Listen: Them Bruins – Barrenlands

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