Prophets Of Rage Tease World Tour & Rage Against The Machine Reunion In Reddit AMA

Members of rock and hip hop supergroup Prophets Of Rage have used a Reddit Ask Me Anything session to tease fans with plans for a world tour, as well as a possible onstage reunion of Rage Against The Machine featuring the group’s former frontman Zack de la Rocha.

Taking part in a Reddit AMA today, Prophets Of Rage’s Tim Commerford (of Rage Against The Machine) and B Real (of Cypress Hill) answered a bunch of questions from fans, and let slip that the world should keep its eyes pealed for a possible Rage Against The Machine reunion.

Asked if de la Rocha would be joining Prophets Of Rage on stage at any point, Commerford replied by saying:

“I know that Chuck [D] and B [Real] and myself have been spending some time reaching out to Zack and letting him know what’s going on and it feels really good to not feel like he’s not in the loop on everything that we do.

“I know that when I spoke to him he was very positive about how cool he knew it was gonna be, the Prophets of Rage… and how exciting it was going to be.

“If I were a fan of Rage Against The Machine, I would definitely show up to the shows because you might miss something.”

Prophets Of Rage, which consists of Commerford, Tom Morello and Brad Wilk from Rage Against The Machine, B-Real and Public Enemy’s Chuck D and DJ Lord, used their first show earlier this year to tell the crowd, “There’s always a seat warm for Zack de la Rocha.”

When asked “where the fuck” de la Rocha currently is, during the band’s Reddit AMA, Commerford replied with, “In the laboratory,” possibly referring to previous claims that de la Rocha is working on new music.

Commerford and B Real didn’t mention Australia in their Reddit AMA, but they did tell fans to expect shows all around the world, which means Aussies will hopefully see Prophets Of Rage down under in the near future.

Asked if Prophets Of Rage have any European tour plans, Commerford said, “We definitely do. This is not a North American band, this is a world band. We’re going to dominate the world.”

Elsewhere in their Reddit AMA, Commerford and B Real discussed politics, music technology and what they hope people get out of their music, with Commerford reflecting on his experience playing in Rage Against The Machine.

“People ask whether or not I think music can change the way that you think and I know that it can because it changed the way I think. I’m a Rage fan as much as I was a member of the band,” Commerford said.

“I grew up in Orange County in Southern California in a conservative all white world where they didn’t teach me about latino culture or african american history and I learned only about white people.

“Then I became a member of Rage Against The Machine and I became politicized through people like Tom Morello and Zack De La Rocha and I became a fan of RATM.

“I’m excited to get there and take our message on the road and change people with the universal language of music.”

Prophets Of Rage have been playing a bunch of Rage Against The Machine tracks at their recent shows, including classics like Testify, Guerilla Radio, Bulls On Parade and Killing In The Name Of, which incited a mosh pit when it was performed on Jimmy Kimmel.

Prophets Of Rage say they are still working on original music, after sharing their raging first single, titled Prophets Of Rage, in July.

Catch highlights from Prophets Of Rage’s Reddit AMA session below, and read the whole thing over on Reddit.

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