Puddle Of Mudd Band Members Abandon Frontman Mid-Set As He Has Another Onstage Meltdown

Can somebody please send help to Wes Scantlin?

Regardless of your thoughts on Puddle Of Mudd, this whole situation is becoming scary and sad.

After a number of increasingly bizarre and frequent onstage meltdowns, the Puddle Of Mudd singer’s bandmates apparently couldn’t take it anymore.

They bailed on the singer mid-set in Doncaster, England, walking offstage to leave him alone and ranting in front of a pissed off crowd.

Footage of the incident shows the visibly inebriated singer flipping off his MIA bandmates as he tells the audience, “My band Puddle Of Mudd – who I thought was my band – has quit on me… Is that not a surprise?”

And audience members weren’t shy about voicing their opinions on the matter either, repeatedly screaming “FOOK YOU, WES!” in the painful-to-watch footage.

And it’s the third time this year that Puddle of Mudd haven’t finished a set due to the frontman’s erratic behaviour.

Both of the previous incidents occurred in February, with Scantlin accusing a fan of stealing his house at one gig, and threatening to call the mafia on the sound guy at another.


However, despite the band apparently quitting on Scantlin in Doncaster, the region’s Free Press reports they went on to play more sold-out shows in Gloucester and Wood Street just days later, both of which were “shambolic” and left fans angry and disappointed, despite the fact that the band actually managed to finish both shows.

Commenting on the Gloucester venue’s Facebook page, one fan said: “Last nights performance was distressing to say the least, how it was decided Wes was fit to play ill (sic) never know but its (sic) a good job his band held it together somehow.”

While another said: “What a disappointment Puddle of Mudd were tonight. I’ll save my money next time. Kudos to the rest of the band who somehow managed to carry the wasted lead singer through the set…just! Fantastic venue, and great staff as always, just let down by a singer who couldn’t seem to give a shit!”

The Free Press also reports that Scantlin was “booed and sworn at by angry fans” at the Wood Street gig as he “slurred his way through songs” and “swigged a bottle of spirits on stage and boasted to fans about being high on crack cocaine”.

Despite the clear fact that Scantlin should be in professional care and not on a stage, Puddle Of Mudd’s England tour looks set to plough ahead.

No new information has been posted on their Facebook page, on account of the band having deleted their Facebook page after copping so many negative reviews.

In the last year, Scantlin has been arrested for a DUI not once but twice, and has a history of skipping shows for being arrested or, sometimes, for no reason at all.

Watch what happened at Puddle Of Mudd’s Doncaster gig below if you can handle it.

But seriously, Scantlin’s bizarre behaviour stopped being funny a long time ago. Now this guy just needs some serious help.

Watch: Puddle Of Mudd Split Onstage


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