Punk Fans Can’t Handle Kim Kardashian’s New Jacket

In the latest incident re: celebrities wearing merch of bands that they most likely don’t listen to themselves, Kim Kardashian has roused the ire of the interwebs by donning a jacket featuring a logo of Japanese hardcore punk outfit Disclose.

If this all seems familiar, it’s because a similar thing happened when Justin Bieber was seen wearing Metallica and Nirvana t-shirts late last year, prompting rage from fans of “real music”. He went on to release punk-themed Purpose tour merchandise, which again pissed people off even though it was designed by metal and punk artist Mark Riddick.

Oh and remember how Slayer’s Gary Holt was so offended that Kendell Jenner wore a t-shirt with his band’s name on it that he started wearing a ‘Kill The Kardashians’ t-shit on stage?

So perhaps it was only a matter of time before Kimmy K got in on the action – but in her case the lengths she went to on to obtain this particular purchase are just as shocking as the actual jacket itself. Consequence Of Sound reports that the jacket – which was covered in studs, was an absolute bargain, costing Kardashian just $11,000 US from luxury brand Enfantes Riches Deprimes.

Punk fans released their feels about the whole situation, and while some weren’t sure how to feel, plenty of others made their opposition crystal clear.

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