R.E.M. Start Work on Follow Up Album to ‘Collapse Into Now’

R.E.M. have started working on a follow-up album to their latest release, Collapse Into Now, which was only just released in March. Vocalist Michael Stipe has been posting iPhone updates while the band have been in sessions.

Stipe’s friend Jane Pratt, who is a radio host and founder of “Sassy” magazine (a magazine which was aimed at teenage girls who are into alternative/indie music scene), has been posting Stipe’s updates on her website. The images so far include some words of inspiration on the music biz courtesy of Hunter S. Thompson, and a sign.

Recently R.E.M. decided not to tour on the back of their current album Collapse Into Now. Peter Buck spoke to NME saying he felt the band had toured enough in the past 10 years “You just don’t really want to repeat yourself in that way”. So a likely Australian tour would be off the cards for now.

Michael Stipe spoke recently about doing a collaborative project with Kurt Cobain before he died. Stipe says he went to Cobain with an idea for an album as he feared his friend was on the road to doing something stupid.

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