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Rabbit-Fronted Supergroup Bunny Racket Need Your Help To Teach Aussie Kids How To Rock

Written by Emmy Mack on September 1, 2016

Say hello to Bunny Racket, a new Aussie rock n’ roll project fronted by a giant guitar wielding, skateboard riding man-rabbit and featuring members of Kyuss, The Doors, Grinspoon, The Vines, Skunkhour & more.

It’s like Acca Dacca meets The Teletubbies. Ramones meets Bananas In Pyjamas. KISS meets The Cat In The Hat, a more bogan Bloodhound Gang only G-rated and with rabbits.

Yes, this an actual thing that is happening IRL. And the Andy Walker AKA King Bunny-fronted collective has just launched a kickstarter campaign to help them on their mission to teach Aussie kids how to rock and/or roll.

“It’s basically about getting kids involved in rock and roll, collaborating, art and loud guitars,” Andy tells Monster Children, after having recently returned from the US where he recorded Bunny Racket’s debut album with some huuuuuuuuge bloody names.

The LP, dubbed Rock’n’Roll Animals, features Brant Bjork (Kyuss, Fumanchu) on the tubs, Robby Krieger of The Doors on lead guitar and Sam Cutler – legendary tour manager for The Rolling Stones and Grateful Dead – adding some spoken word action.

“It’s a project that I’ve been working on with Brant for a couple of years,” Andy continues. “And it came about as a result of us being lifelong rockers, and finding ourselves in the period of our lives where we – and a lot of our friends – now have families, and there’s now always kids around.

“Rock and roll’s still very much seen as an adult thing,” he adds, explaining that one of the reasons he started Bunny Racket was to give ankle-biters a way to enjoy the iconic genre, as a more badass alternative to all the other crap that’s currently out there.

“The shared learning thing is what’s getting me excited the most, I think,” he says. “Being able to really dig something, and then your kid seeing that you’re into it, and eventually conversing with them going, ‘Oh, these bands used to play when I was a kid, and this is why I used to like them etc…’ ”

As well as the record, the Bunny Racket mob also have plans to release their own web series, based on King Bunny’s rockin’ adventures. Each episode will be released free to air via YouTube, and feature two music videos, with built-in lessons in things like spelling, counting, colours, geography, and of course, music.

But the rowdy rock animals need your help to make it happen, having launched a kickstarter campaign to fund the production and post-production phases of 8 x 7 minute episodes.

They’re aiming for an ambitious target of $50K and you can give ’em a hand (or a paw) by donating here.

Hop to it.

Meanwhile Bunny Racket recently wrapped up their first ever live show at this year’s Splendour in the Grass, which saw King Bunny backed by an all-star band of Aussie rockers including members of The Vines, Skunkhour and Grinspoon.

The same lineup will be performing at Sydney’s family-friendly music festival Dress Up Attack.

Catch their bass-thumping debut single, A Chicken Is Not A Fruit, below.

Watch: Bunny Racket – A Chicken Is Not A Fruit

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