Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’ Inspires Chef’s 10-Course Menu

The internet has been responsible for shining the light on the dark mental alleyways that pervade the world of fandoms and none seem more intricate than die-hard lovers of indie superstars Radiohead, whose 2000 album Kid A recently inspired a Detroit chef’s new 10-course taster menu.

Radiohead fans have been known to engage in all sorts of seemingly irrational behaviour like having frontman Thom Yorke‘s face tattooed around their nipple and formulating elaborate conspiratorial theories regarding new album release dates and the various links between existing albums.

However as The Huffington Post reports, chef Kyle Hanley has expressed his obsession in a different way, designing a 10-course Kid A tasting menu, which he will offer for one night only on Wednesday, 19th February at Detroit’s Elizabeth Theater, as the album plays throughout the meal.

Hanley’s meal includes dishes like lamb chops with crispy pig ear and blood orange reduction, inspired by the album’s third track, The National Anthem. Each meal is paired with wine and cocktails selected by a sommelier who used only Radiohead’s groundbreaking album to make his choices.

According to Hanley, who studied music before becoming a chef, the “visceral” Oxfordshire group are “very textural” and that when he himself listens to music, he hears “textures and colours,” instantly creating synesthetic associations between different types of music and foods.

“Most people put out CDs, and this is an actual album. One song flows into the next, and we kind of want to do the same thing with the courses,” he said, adding that the experience will not be lost on those without refined palettes, saying, “If you like the album, if you like the music, you’ll get it.”

Kid A Menu (via Consequence of Sound)


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