The Entire Radiohead Discography Has Landed At Bandcamp

Radiohead fans rejoice – the iconic rock group’s entire discography, including several coveted archival releases, is now available to buy or stream from Bandcamp.

For a group that pioneered the ‘pay what you want’ system with the release of their iconic In Rainbows album, it seems mad that the band has only now arrived at the online music merchants’ door.

However, the Radiohead faithful can now put their money where their mouth is (if they want to of course) and choose from any of their nine brilliant records, as well as archival gems TKOL RMX 1234567 (companion to The King Of Limbs), OKNOTOK 1997 2017 (Ok Computer bonus material) and of course the soon to be released Kid A Mnesia, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Kid A, with a nod to the subsequent follow-up Amnesiac.

The band’s live compilation album I Might Be Wrong is also available (featuring an absolutely class version of ‘True Love Waits’), but if you’re after deeper cuts like their From The Basement concert series or the 16-hour demo collection they released in 2019 then you’ll have to go elsewhere (the Basement concerts are currently streaming on Amazon Prime).

There’s been a lot of Radiohead love of late, with the band’s two masterworks Ok Computer, and Kid A taking out places one and two of Pitchforks’ recent 200 Best Albums of the Last 25 Years fan poll. Check out that full list here.

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