Rage Against The Machine May Never Play Another Gig

In a confrontational interview, Rage Against the Machine’s guitarist Tom Morello has put another blow in to RATM fans, confessing that the band may never play another gig. The Q&A, conducted by Rolling Stone Magazine, cuts to the core of the band, revealing that even the band themselves are unsure about their own future.

Although their last concert was played last year at their own revolution-inspired LA Rising Festival, in conjunction with Muse, Rise Against and several others, Morello confessed that “every show we’ve ever played might’ve been the last”. Morello continued to showcase the band’s reluctance to play live shows, stating, “Once a year, the band meets and very seriously discusses and turns down awesome offers to tour the world. That’s part of the program.”

I’m unsure what Ken West did to secure the band’s 2008 Australian tour, but I wouldn’t be complaining if he were to do it again. However, Morello worsened RATM fans’ fears by adding further uncertainty to the group’s future whilst discussing the other members of the group. Speaking out about Zack, Tim and Brad, he admitted: “I love them. I consider them brothers and brothers-in-arms, and whether or not we ever play music again in any capacity is unknown”.

Regardless, the dream of a RATM tour always seemed unreasonable, and until it actually eventuates, here’s footage of their 1999 Woodstock gig to get you through the day. Hopefully we can celebrate 25 Years of RATM with a world tour, right?

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