A Rare Prince LP Has Sold For The Most Expensive Price In Discogs History

A rare vinyl of Prince‘s shelved album The Black Album has sold for thousand of dollars on online vinyl store Discogs, marking the most expensive record sold on the site ever.

A 1987 promo copy of The Black Album sold for $15,000 beating out a copy of David Bowie’s self-titled album which sold for $6,826.

The Black Album was meant to be released following 1987’s Sign O’ The Times but Prince decided at the last minute to release LoveSexy instead. As it was such a last minute change some media and clubs had already been sent the album. It surfaced, despite Prince ordering for all the promo copies to be destroyed. It eventually saw a release in 1994.

The double 12″ promo version sold on Discogs obviously managed to survive despite Prince’s orders and is the very definition of rare. It was sold just one day after Prince’s death on 21st April.

Discogs released their list of the most expensive records sold through the site in April and while the rest are really expensive vinyls they don’t come anywhere close to $15,000.

The next most expensive was Italian band Metamorfosi’s …E Fu Il Sesto Giorno which sold for $2376.

Listen: Prince – Le Grind

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