Rebecca Black Releases ‘Friday’ Sequel, ‘Saturday’

Rebecca Black, who rose to infamy as the whipping girl of the entire world wide web, has unveiled the sequel to the song which originally made her the target of so much browser-based scorn and derision. Aptly titled Saturday, the song is a collaboration with fellow YouTube star Dave Days.

The clip mirrors Friday in several respects, notably in that Black and her co-stars seem to occupy a world where everyone’s parents are dead or missing, while generally conducting themselves in a manner more expected of the cast of Geordie Shore, and not a gaggle of bougie sixteen-year-olds.

However, the song strives to be a more “mature” effort than Friday, shucking the sugary, Radio Disney sweetness for a more David Guetta-inspired sound, while the clip features several tongue-in-cheek references to its notorious forebear and its inane, kill-yourself-with-a-cinderblock lyrics.

Also notable is the fact that the clip was produced without the input of one Patrice Wilson, the auteur behind Friday, as well as Thanksgiving and Chinese Food, who runs arguably the most lucrative child-exploitation organisation since the Catholic Church, ARK Music Factory.

It’s bad. It’s really bad, but you can check out the video for Saturday, and experience phone-ringing sounds clearly made by someone’s mouth, teens who’ve apparently never seen a video camera before, and inspired dialogue such as, “Hey, come over / Alright, I’ll be right over“, below.

Watch: Rebecca Black & Dave Days – Saturday

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