Red Symons Suffers ‘Significant’ Brain Injury After Nasty Fall

Aussie music personality Red Symons is recovering from a “significant” brain injury following a nasty accident earlier this month, which saw him fall and smash his head on pavement.

The good news is the 68-year-old Red Faces gong-master and former Skyhooks guitarist is on the mend, with his ABC colleague Jon Faine reporting that Red is “doing well” and has sent a “big cheerio” to fans following his 5th July scrape.

“He’s working at coming back as soon as he can. The bottom line is he’s had a significant injury to his brain,” Faine explains.

“He felt a bit unsteady, stopped, put his hand out to hold onto the building as he wobbled and fell backwards because it was a hill. Because he fell backwards, he hit the back of his head very hard on the pavement.”

Red himself has taken to Facebook to share a statement, telling fans he’s “thankful to be receiving the best of medical attention and working on a speedy recovery”.

“I’m sorry for this unexpected absence, but I’m looking forward to getting back to work as soon as possible,” he says.

Faine reports that Symons is “sharp as ever” and hasn’t suffered any loss of mental or physical function as a result of the fall, but is currently “bored out of his brain” in hospital, where he’s been told a full recovery will take a bit of time.

“One of the ways to deal with it is to go very, very slowly. Not to rush it,” Faine says. “If you want to make a partial recovery, yes, you can rush it, and then you miss out on the full recovery.”

Get well soon, Red!

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