REMI Has Started A Petition To Bring Back The Original Tim Tam Genie

In the midst of giving the world some of the most socially conscious hip-hop this country can offer, REMI have rallied behind another cause – bringing the original Tim Tam genie back.

It began when Remi Kolawole took to Instagram to post a side-by-side of the Tim Tam genie he remembers next to the current one – Apollo Jackson of The Bachelorette fame – before saying he had a petition in his bio that people could sign to get the original genie back.

“The genie I grew up with, the original, the icon that made love Tim Tam’s is the only one,” he wrote.

Sure enough, he made a petition and it’s already garnered over 250 signatures at the time of writing.

“The Arnott’s Tim Tam Genie is an Icon,” the petition says. “A Nostalgic Childhood memory for many. It is a travesty that he has been replaced.”

Awkwardly, Jackson got a hold of the news and commented on Remi’s original Instagram post saying, “Damn son, just trying to sell some Tams over here…big love though haha.”

In the meantime, Remi was just announced as one of the acts playing this year’s Festival of the Sun. Check out the duo’s latest cut ‘My People’ below.

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