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Someone Has Started A Petition To Bring Stereosonic Back

Well, this could be interesting. Someone has started a petition to bring the ill-fated electronic music festival Stereosonic back, after it was cancelled back in 2016.

Someone by the name of ‘Jake M.’ posted the ‘THE REBIRTH OF STEREOSONIC’ petition to the website Avaaz, with a succinct yet effective reasoning as to why they created it.

“With Stereosonic now only a distant memory and nothing worthy left to shred for, it’s time to bring it back.”

Amen, Jake. Amen. You can sign the petition here.

Stereosonic’s demise was certainly an odd one. After their massive 2015 event, with a lineup sporting Armin Van Buuren, Major Lazer and Axwell Λ Ingrosso, the festival’s organisers announced, in 2016, that “we are taking a hiatus during 2016.”

“However, we will return in 2017, bigger and better.”

Spoiler alert: this promised 2017 festival never happened.

The festival’s founder Frank Cotela insisted that its cancellation was due to US promoter SFX’s financial trouble. The company bought the festival for $75 million back in 2013, but filed for bankruptcy in 2015 in an effort to erase over US $500 million in debt.

However, the festival has also seen its fair share of controversy due to the high amounts of drug overdoses it saw, with two deaths in 2015 alone.

We’ll see if EDM Bro Christmas makes its grand return. Stranger things have happened.

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