Rolf Harris Reportedly Annoying Prison Guards With Weird AF Toilet Roll Didgeridoos

Disgraced Australian entertainer and convicted pedophile Rolf Harris is reportedly driving prison officers insane by continuously making (and playing) makeshift didgeridoos out of toilet paper rolls.

The Sun reports that 86-year-old Harris, who was jailed in 2014, has been making the traditional Aboriginal instrument out of toilet paper rolls and matchsticks, and continues to make new ones even after the old ones are confiscated by prison guards.

An unnamed source with connections to the prison where Harris is serving his time — England’s HM Prison Stafford — tells The Sun that Harris is “driving everyone mad” with his home-made didgeridoos, which we’re pretty sure would sound absolutely horrible, and probably look a little something like this…

cardboard roll dog meme

“He sits in his cell and tries to play his home-made didgeridoo,” the source says. “It’s not the real deal but it acts as a therapy for him. And he continues to make them even though he keeps getting them confiscated.”

This isn’t the first time Harris is said to have created a didgeridoo in prison, though. In 2014, he’s said to have carved a three-foot didgeridoo using wood from the garden of the HMP Bullingdon jail in Oxfordshire. The makeshift instrument was seized by guards, but it clearly hasn’t stopped him from making didgeridoos out of pretty much anything he can find.

Harris is currently serving five years and nine months for 12 indecent assaults on four girls between 1969 and 1986, and was charged with seven more counts of indecent assault earlier this year. In April, Harris plead not guilty to these seven charges and one charge of sexual assault. His next trial is set to begin on 9th January 2017.

In February this year, The Sun reported that Harris was writing a revenge album from within prison called Justice For All, which is believed to contain messages for victims who have accused him of sexual abuse.

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