Ruby Rose Hits Back At Haters With Inspiring Message To Female DJs

Homegrown DJ, model, actress, television presenter and ultimate slashie Ruby Rose has hit back at negative comments from haters by posting an inspiring message about her experiences as a female DJ.

Taking to Instagram, Ruby Rose has shared a selection of images of herself in full DJ mode, along with a lengthy but oh-so-fitting caption.

“Female DJs cop it at the best of times. But it doesn’t make it less frustrating,” Ruby Rose writes alongside her photo (below).

“The odds are if you have JUST started noticing a chick DJ get any form of recognition it’s not their first day on the job.”

At this point, Ruby Rose goes straight at the haters, who have allegedly been posting negative comments on social media and challenging her skills as a DJ.

“Love or hate my music, love or hate my abilities in any field love or hate my Instagram. But let’s get one thing straight. Know your facts,” Ruby Rose says as she likely hits the haters with this expression:

ruby rose gif source buzzfeed

“Don’t just comment on people’s pages endlessly with your negative judgmental shit,” Ruby Rose adds. “The people who bitch the loudest are ALWAYS the least important.”

In closing, Ruby Rose notes that she started DJing in 2009, and has since toured with the likes of Nicki Minaj and Jessie J.

“I been doing this… It’s old news,” she says. “I didn’t wake up last week and buy a laptop. Everything I do is a result of hard work and I’m proud of it.” Catch the full statement, below.

Ruby Rose is currently touring the US as a DJ, and will wrap up her tour at the end of September.

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