The Veronicas Say They Almost Broke Up Their Band During Jess’ Relationship With Ruby Rose

The Veronicas have opened up about a turbulent time in their relationship, revealing that there was a period where the sisters did not speak for over a year putting the future of their band in doubt.

In an interview with 60 minutes, the sisters – Jess and Lisa Origliasso -say they were not on speaking terms during much of Jess’ relationship with actor Ruby Rose.

“When you have a twin, you’ve got backup for everything. But sometimes to evolve as an individual, and to find the love for myself I needed to find, I needed to just go through the experience for myself,” Jess said.

Jess Origliasso and Ruby Rose first dated briefly in 2008 before ending things. They rekindled in 2016 and were in a relationship until 2018. Riffs between the sisters played out publically in that time.

During that time period, The Veronicas say the future of their music together was in serious jeopardy and the band was on the verge of ending for good.

“We weren’t able to create, we weren’t able to perform,” said Lisa. “I mean, we couldn’t be together. We had to have things on hold.”

“I don’t know if there are any words for how hard that was. It’s heartbreaking,” added Lisa. “She’s my best friend, so not being able to reach out and check-in, see how she’s doing, or tell her what’s going on with me…”

The sisters say they eventually met up at a Sydney recording studio to work on new music together and the process was one of healing.

“That’s where the magic of music is truly a spiritual experience. Because that is our language we have together when words are too tough,” said Lisa.

The results of that experience are with us now as last week The Veronicas launched GODZILLA – their first of two new albums dropping this year. The next album HUMAN will arrive on Friday, 25th June.

This week the band will also kick off their national tour. You can find all the deets for the tour, here.

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