Rumours Run Wild As Rilo Kiley Promise Fans “More To Come”

Rilo Kiley has put the interwebs into a mad frenzy today following a very out-of-the-blue post from the band’s Facebook. The band confirmed that they were in the studio, via the social network, which isn’t anything too crazy, except from the fact that they recently broke up.

Going back all the way to July 2011, the group’s bassist Blake Sennett launched a scathing review of his bandmates and subsequently pulled the plug on the project on account of “deception, disloyalty [and] greed”, so much so that Sennett stated “Fuck that, I can’t do this anymore”.

However, as of 12 hours ago, the band confirmed that their forthcoming album, which no one knew about, “is almost finished, and artwork is nearly done. Going to need your help! More to come.”

The very confident post has put the rumour mill into full effect. The American indie rock outfit are considered seminal to the movement and garnered a cult-like following prior to their departure from the scene, so fans the world over are throwing their 2 cents into the mix.

Both Consequence of Sound and Musicology seem to be digging the idea that this will be the talked about but never finished B-sides/rare tunes compilation that the band once promised. But only time will tell.

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