Coachella 2015 / Photo: Johnny Firecloud

The Coachella 2015 Honour Roll

It’s all over, folks. Two jam-packed weekends of Coachella madness have come to a close, and whether you were kicking it in the California desert or chilling out and watching things unfold at home via the festival live-stream, Coachella 2015 sure did provide us with a bunch of memorable moments.

With the festival packing up, and FOMO levels declining, now seems the perfect time to look back at the best bits of the two-weekend extravaganza in our Coachella 2015 Honour Roll, filled with all the surprise guests, stand-out performances and, yeah, Madonna.

Until next year, Indio.


For services to: School spirit

ODESZA’s two Gobi Tent sets were their most ambitious shows to date. The electronic pop duo from Seattle teamed up with the University of Southern California’s Trojan Marching Band drum line during their sets. The drum line helped ODESZA open the sets with IPlayYouListen, and came back to help close them with a jam session.

Watch: ODESZA – IPlayYouListen (Feat. USC Drum Line)

Watch: ODESZA & USC Drum Line Jam Session

Jenny Lewis

For services to: Community spirit

Coachella’s first weekend saw Jenny Lewis team up with her former Rilo Kiley bandmate Blake Sennett for a performance of Portions For Foxes, marking the pair’s first performance together since Rilo Kiley’s breakup in 2011. Later on, the girls from HAIM joined Lewis to help her play her brand-new song, Girl On Girl. It’s made us all just that little bit more excited for Splendour. Ryan Adams + Jenny Lewis, plz Splendour?

Watch: Jenny Lewis – Portions For Foxes (With Blake Sennett) at Coachella 2015

Watch: Jenny Lewis – Girl On Girl (With HAIM) at Coachella 2015

Florence Welch

For services to: Soldiering on

Florence + The Machine’s Florence Welch was a little worse for wear after taking to the stage at Coachella. She managed to break her foot on Coachella’s first weekend, by jumping off the stage during set-closer Dog Days Are Over, and even shared the X-Ray proof on Facebook. She soldiered on, though, performing during Coachella’s second weekend and even brought out fellow Honour Roll member Father John Misty. Watch that performance, and the incident which caused all the trouble, below.

Watch: Florence & The Machine – Dog Days Are Over (Florence breaks her foot at Coachella 2015)

Whoever posted these stickers near all the water outlets

For services to: The Internet

Some genius or group of geniuses spent much of this year’s Coachella planting these on just about anything which expelled water. Time and money well spent.

The Hoff

For services to: Not giving a fuck

No, you had still got it, Hoff.

Watch: David Hasslehoff @ Coachella

#Coachella had still got it

Posted by David Hasselhoff on Saturday, April 11, 2015


For services to: Wal-Mart

There were cameos upon cameos at Coachella 2015, but perhaps the most bizarre and inexplicable of the lot came courtesy of rapper/barker DMX, who somehow managed to disentomb himself from the early naughties in time for DJ Snake’s set. The ruff rydin’ MC and co-star of such Jet Li-based action flicks as Cradle 2 The Grave and Romeo Must Die apparently stopped by to perform one song on the Empire Polo Club stage with Snake, while on his way to a nearby desert Wal-Mart.

Father John Misty

For services to: Romance

Taking his pseudo-ironic stage character to its natural end, Father John Misty used the Coachella stage to “make a very weird dream come true” for himself, and make one audience member feel very awkward in the process. Father John sat Amy down in a giant wicker chair onstage, covered in pink balloons for some reason, and surrounded her with giant teddy bears, flowers and various women in white robes. He then serenaded her with a cover of Leonard Cohen’s classic I’m Your Man, first on one knee and then making his way onto her lap.

We don’t know how, but he made it work. It’s also worth noting, Father John Misty can bust a damn fine move.

Chet Faker

For services to: Killing it

It might have been a hot afternoon under the California desert sun, but the undeniable grooves supplied by bearded Australian crooner Chet Faker definitely got the Coachella crowd moving, heat be damned. Faker’s brand of moody, r’n’b infused electro hits and his striking stage presence – even with that desert-inappropriate beanie – made his one of the most talked about sets of the festival. He even closed out his time there with a surprise DJ set alongside Bonobo. America watch out, Chet’s coming for you.

Watch: Chet Faker – Gold – Live from Coachella 2015


For services to: Madonna

Yes it’s the kiss that gave birth to a thousand memes. Madonna played tonsil hockey with Drake onstage at Coachella, and he didn’t seem too keen on the whole thing. Got that? OK. Here’s the thing though: it’s Madonna and she can do whatever she well pleases. She didn’t turn down the provocative behaviour during that Like a Prayer video, and she’s not going to stop pissing people off at 56 either. She’ll wear what she likes, dance how she likes and make-out with whomever she damn well wants to make out with.

Watch: Madonna plants kiss on Drake

Nicki Minaj

For services to: Drake

Maybe Drake was worried about managing expectations after his first Coachella headline set? Maybe he needed a buffer in case Madonna returned? Maybe he just needed a hug? It’s currently unclear exactly why Drizzy decided to welcome former flame Nicki Minaj onto the Coachella stage this weekend, introduce her to the crowd, give her an awkward embrace and then…NOTHING ELSE. He just made her leave, which she did gracefully. You’re a class act, Nicki.

Watch: Drake Brings out Nicki Minaj at Coachella 2015


For services to: Campfires

Look, clearly Drake is an emotional guy. He needs time for introspection and just because he’s in the middle of a headline set at Coachella doesn’t mean he should abandon his own needs. If Drake wants to Drake it up and collect his thoughts whilst siting beside a campfire, good for him. If he wants to do it mid set and onstage, ah, sure, why not? Clearly, we’ve reached peak Drake.

Kanye West

For services to: Gatecrashing

Just because he’s not technically headlining Coachella doesn’t mean he can’t headline Coachella. Twice during the festival Kanye gifted crowds a “holy shit” moment by making surprise appearances during sets by The Weeknd and Stromae – see your Twitter and Facebook feeds for evidence of that. Then, in what is a rare Kanye event, Yeezy got amongst the mere plebs, first by stage-diving straight into their hands at a Coachella after party. Very trusting Kanye. Then he proved he’s actually one of us when he was casually spotted gleefully dancing in the crowd during Kaskade’s set. LOOK HOW HAPPY HE IS GUYS.

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