Sahara Beck Covers Violent Soho’s ‘Covered In Chrome’

17-year-old Sunshine Coast singer-songwriter Sahara Beck, who unveiled her debut EP, You Could Be Happy, back in October, has recorded a viral-bound cover of Violent Soho‘s distortion-fuelled lament, Covered in Chrome, from last year’s acclaimed Hungry Ghost, and it’s so good it’s scary.

As FasterLouder writes, Beck trades Marshall stacks for a simple acoustic guitar, and armed with the lyrics of the song written on some paper in front of her, Beck transforms the angsty, explosive sounds of Soho’s single into a charming and ethereal ballad with spiderweb-light vocal delivery.

“The song is about the power that can be wielded from ideas, and contrasting that with a guy asking for a ‘simple life’ while unravelling the human vacuum he finds himself in,” frontman Luke Boerdam told FL. Violent Soho announced national tour dates with The Smith Street Band this morning.

Watch: Sahara Beck – Covered in Chrome (Violent Soho Cover)

Watch: Violent Soho – Covered in Chrome

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