Sam Smith Says He Once Spewed Into His Hand At A Sydney Club Then Legged It

Sam Smith is in town and he’s been fondly reminiscing about some of the boozed up hijinks he used to get up to in Sydney (probably back when it used to have a nightlife).

In a chat with the Hit Network following his one-off exclusive Aussie performance at the Opera House, the crooner ‘fessed up about one time he was in the city for New Years and was getting his drink on at iconic gay club, Stonewall.

“It was after New Years, we were all very drunk,” he explains. “And I went to the bar and I went to do a shot of tequila, and the shot got to here–” [points at his neck] “–And then I puked in my hand at the bar.

“Actually puked in my hand… and then just ran out” he laughs.

“No one saw, but they must have smelled it. It was chunky sick as well, it was absolutely disgusting”.

No shame, m8. We’ve all been there.

We’re wondering if this historic event actually happened on the same fateful night that inspired the most emotional song on Smith’s new album The Thrill Of It All.

The English singer-songwriter has previously revealed that he penned the tune ‘Him’ the morning after a night out at — yep — Stonewall #represent

“I remember being inspired and wanting to write a song called ‘Him’ and I actually wrote it in the shower,” he explained last year.

“It’s just what came out of me, there was a bit of anger when I was writing those lyrics. People will take different things from that song. I wouldn’t say I’m religious, I’m more of a spiritual person. I went to Catholic school all my life. There’s parts of every religion I agree with and parts of every religion I disagree with.”

The tune is a heartfelt gay anthem that tells the coming-out story from a boy to his father, using a gospel choir and religious themes to speak to some of the tensions that have traditionally existed between religious institutions and the LGBTQI+ community.

You can give it a listen below, or else watch Smith hilariously recount his spewy night at Stonewall right here.

And don’t fret if you missed out on seeing him live at the Opera House. ICYMI: Smith will be back later this year for a fully fledged tour off the back of his new LP The Thrill Of It All.

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