Schoolboy Q & Kanye West’s Team Up For New ‘THat Part’ Video

Schoolboy Q‘s new video for THat Part featuring Kanye West has taken an interactive turn, offering fans the option to ring a 1800 number at the end of the song.

The video kicks off with Schoolboy Q partying, aka being twerked in the face by his gaggle of quote unquote “independent b$%^&*s”. He also has a crew of considerably creepy bachelors in tow, wearing flesh coloured gauze over their unidentifiable faces.

It’s all drug induced visual effects, lights and cigarette smoke as they make their way to Kanye’s semi-abandoned mansion. Kanye opens the door and in red dappled light, the camera follows him through the house, passing a solitarily spinning pole dancer in what appears to be the early morning aftermath of a recently wrapped up party.

West finally makes his way onto the street, and raps at the front of the school slash party bus until a phone number flashes onto the screen (1-800-351-1132).

Folks that dial in are met with the voice mail greeting “Hello, Billy, it’s Top Dawg. Leave a message, I might call you back” which is a reference to Kendrick Lamar’s lyric “Get Top on the phone!” from Untitled Unmastered, which Kanye also references at the end of the tune.

Watch THat Part below:

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