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Shannon Noll Has Addressed The Infamous ‘Beer Can’ Tirade Again At A Penrith Gig

Shannon Noll, who has had a turbulent past couple of weeks to say the very least, has again addressed his now infamous, expletive-ridden, onstage tirade at a show in the outskirts of Sydney last night.

Nollsie hasn’t let the incident go, as he attempted to justify the rant at a concert at Penrith Panthers Leagues Club last night. In case you’ve been living under a very large rock, beer cans were being pelted at the ‘Lift’ singer during a performance in Nyngan, NSW and Nollsie absolutely lost it.

He apologised shortly thereafter, and despite that was still dropped from an event in Mt. Isa because of the rant, which was condemned by some as misogynistic and perpetuating rape culture.

While playing in Penrith last night, Nollsie took a stand against critics and ‘media bulls**t’, as reported by News Corp, saying that they didn’t have the full story.

“They all made out like it was just one can, you know what I mean?” he reportedly said. “We were there for 80 minutes and there were 35 cans thrown at us onstage. So it wasn’t just the one that was reported.”

“We only stuck out there because we knew the event would suffer if we didn’t, so we tried to do the right thing. But I tell you what — when a flying can’s coming within 30 metres of your forehead about 15 times, you start to get sick of it. So I appreciate that you’re not reading into that bulls**t, and coming out to support me.”

Before playing his mega-hit ‘Lift’, he continued.

“This song’s done more good than any of you big-mouthed wankers will ever do with their whole friggin’ lives, so I don’t care, they can say whatever they want.”

This isn’t the first time Nollsie addressed the rant onstage since it happened, having done so in the Gold Coast a few weeks back, where he proclaimed he still wanted to bash the “wanker” that threw a drink at him.

In other news, Noll did just announce a whole ton of new dates for his Unbroken tour, and you can check out all those deets here.

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