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Osher Günsberg AKA Andrew G Says He Wants Australian Idol To Come Back

So in case you were wondering, Channel Ten has just gone through a huge rebrand and announced a ton of brand new channels, but Osher Günsberg says he wants to take it back to the past with an Australian Idol revamp.

At the launch party of the channel’s rebrand, Günsberg was asked what he thought about an Australian Idol reboot, to which he seemed very keen.

“I would love to see Australian Idol come back, even if I don’t host it.”

On top of that, he was pitched the idea of having a rematch between the original Australian Idol winner, Guy Sebastian, and notorious runner-up Shannon Noll, and he had the best response.

“I tell you what you do. You get Shannon and Guy on the judging panel, and then they can fight it out every night.”

In case you haven’t been counting the days and crying like we have, Australian Idol has been off the air for almost ten years, with the last winner being Stan Walker.

This isn’t the first time Günsberg has approved an Idol revamp, having spoken to ex-judge Kyle Sandilans about it back in early 2017.

Give us one more touchdown for old times sake.

Watch a clip of the interview below.

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