Shannon Noll Announced As Part Of Australia’s Eurovision Voting Jury

Following a rapid transformation into a Nicolas Cage level meme, Shannon Noll is once and for all reaping the benefits of being the flavour of the year – namely, being included as part of Australia’s contingent of Eurovison 2016 jurors and the unbridled power that comes with such a position.

Nollsie will have to share this power with Myf Warhurst, Play School‘s Monica Trapaga, producer / engineer Craig Porteils whose previous Eurovision experience includes working on Greece’s 2009 effort, and your boy James Mathison.

We commoners will have the chance to vote, with our minuscule opinions making up 50% of Australia’s decision. The other 50% will come straight form the aforementioned brains trust of Australia’s elite.

Time will tell if Nollsie will use his power for good – and vote for a bourgeoning underdog. Or bad, and throw away his vote simply to smite the crowd favourite to inflict the pain he knows all too well.

Either way, Lee Lin Chin is sure to keep us entertained, as she’ll be reprising her roll as Australia’s official spokesperson.

Voting opens for Australia initially on May 13 at the ungodly 5am for semi-final two.

Reppin’ Australia on the stage is of course Dami Im, who featured in the below, and kooky AF video announcing the Australian Jury.

WATCH: SBS announces Australia’s 2016 Eurovision Jury members

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