Skeggs Take Aim At Pauline Hanson And Her Supporters

Skeggs are less than happy about the fact that One Nation founder Pauline Hanson will return to parliament after spending almost two decades in the political wilderness.

The Byron Band took to Facebook to repost the cover of a demo released in 2014, which features Hanson’s face, leaving a short message with the post in which they voice their sentiments.

“We made this cover of our demo in 2014 as a bit of a nostalgic joke at this dickhead. But the fact that she is back in the mix is fucked. We aren’t a political band but what we picked up on when we were tiny little kids in the 90’s was she is a racist. What the fuck is she doing back here? Some Australians need to stop being gronks. Fuck You Pauline.”

Predictably the inflammatory post attracted a mixture of responses, and while many agreed with the band’s sentiments a few took it upon themselves to speak out in defence of Hanson.

One commenter even suggested that her (later overturned) conviction of electoral fraud in 2003 was nothing but a witch hunt. “Youve been force fed media bullshit then if thats what you believe about her,like you said you were just kids so what would you know and the fact that shes back only serves to prove she was the victim of a witch hunt that put her in jail to shut her up,because the government wanted her silenced.”

Skeggs response of “Piss off” has been liked by near 100 users at the time of writing.

Check out the post below.

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