Sleeping With Sirens Stick It To The Man With New Single ‘Congratulations’

There’s been a pretty noticeable skew towards the hip hop side of things with the previous tracks we’ve heard from Sleeping With Sirens’ upcoming album Feel, and the latest single dropped by the post-hardcore sweethearts, Congratulations, seems to be no different.

Once again, Kellin has busted out the Rolodex, this time stopping at ‘M’ for Matty Mullins (or possibly Memphis May Fire). Mullins lent his vocals and opinions for a full verse on the track. The hip hop thing is also sustained through the cheesy mid-song shout outs that happen e.g. “Go get ’em, Matty!”

It’s a bouncy, fun fuck you to those who have previously rejected Kellin and his crew for their radio friendly approach to it all. The band have cooled it on the aggressive aspects of their sound, and seem to be aiming for a more mainstream vibe. Congratulations could potentially be for Sleeping With Sirens what Situations was for Escape The Fate.

The last track Sleeping With Sirens released, Alone, saw the band tag Cleveland hero Machine Gun Kelly. $10 says there’s a track featuring Vic Fuentes coming up.

You’d certainly hate to be someone who told this band they weren’t gonna go big. The crew of scene heartthrobs will be dropping Feel Friday, 31st May.

Watch: Sleeping With Sirens – Congratulations

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