Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Went On ‘QI’ & Freaked Everyone Out

Corey Taylor is a jack of many trades: singer, screamer, maggot wrangler, writer, enthusiastic opinion sharer, actor, radio host and one-time puke drinker.

But it turns out the Slipknot chief also has a few other hidden talents that we weren’t aware of.

CT has just appeared on an episode of the BBC quiz show QI (short for Quite Interesting), and used his cameo to gross out the crowd — and panel — by displaying a freakish ability to crack both his knuckles and jaw on command. Yep, he’s a mutant.

The ginger maggot master also made a ‘ribbit’ noise like a frog during the show, and copped a dose of QI knowledge about the sonic difference between hot and cold water, after opening up about his battles with alcoholism in the early days of Slipknot.

“There was a huge war going on in my head, and that kind of fed the booze,” he told the panel (via NME). “That fed a lot of my issues with drinking and shit because I had given up drugs when I was a teenager so that wasn’t an issue for me, but the booze was really the anchor that I [still had].

“I had bullshitted myself into thinking that I couldn’t go on stage without it like, ‘It’s good luck.’ Such addict bullshit.”

CT made his debut on the show alongside new host Sandi Toksvig, Alan Davies, Aisling Bea and Ross Noble.

Watch some clips from the episode below, or else stream the whole thing via the BBC iPlayer if you happen to live in the UK.

Watch: Corey Taylor Cracks His Knuckles On ‘QI’

Watch: Corey Taylor ‘Ribbits’ Like A Frog On ‘QI’

Watch: Corey Taylor On ‘QI’: Do hot and cold water make different sounds?

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