Slipknot Debut New Mobile App ‘Slipknot: Wear The Mask’

To coincide with the band’s ‘first-ever best-of compilation’ Antennas to Hell, Slipknot have also released their first ever app, titled Slipknot: Wear the Mask. According to Blabbermouth, the app is an interactive experience that allows its users to see themselves, so to speak, through the unconventional worldview of Slipknot.

Slipknot: Wear the Mask has social elements, gameplay aspects, and photography capabilities as the app attempts to be more then a simply band promotion. When giving his thoughts about the app, Slipknot’s Clown said it was designed to being fans closer to being a part of the band.

“Welcome to what we are. Welcome to what you are, and what we together have always been. SLIPKNOT is not a band. We are a culture and you are our blood. We play for blood. Enjoy your new face. It has always been there with you. Strap it on and let’s infect the entire world together as one. It’s time to Wear The Mask. Stay (sic) and enjoy it.” – Clown

The app was created with the assistance of Saatchi & Saatchi – New York. The company’s Chief Creative Officer Con Williamson said the app will help Slipknot’s vast fan-base have an individualised experience with the band.

“SLIPKNOT’s Facebook presence alone is over 12 million fans, so we wanted to create a way to give each one of those people an individual experience with the band. ‘Wear the Mask’ is an engaging, layered and multi-faceted way to do that. Fans will discover an app that’s complicated, disturbing, challenging and fresh, and really true to their core. This will allow them to keep finding new ways to get even more lost in the awesome world of SLIPKNOT.” – Con Williamson.

Slipknot: Wear The Mask app is compatible across Mac iOS and Android platforms.

The video below demonstrates some aspects of the app, but there’s no narration and it’s shot quite amateurishly making for poor visibility… Enjoy!

Watch: Slipknot – Slipknot: Wear the Mask – App Demonstration

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