Slipknot Slam North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law

Slipknot are the latest act to join a body of influential musicians taking a stand against North Carolina’s backwards, transphobic bathroom bill, or HB2. Rather than cancelling their shows in the state though, the band opted to play for their fans, explaining their decision in a new statement.

The Knot have taken a similar approach to Weird Al and Against Me!, who made the call to continue with already announced shows in the region. The band weighed up their options but decided, “Our fans in North Carolina deserve better, so we decided not to cancel.”

The statement continues to explain that HB2, or more officially the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, is in direct contradiction with their morals as a band. “We believe that regardless of who you are, or what you believe in this country — and in our own metal community — that everyone should be given access to equal opportunities they need to succeed. This law flies in the face of those values,” the statement reads.

“You shouldn’t have to face hatred at home or in your community’ simply based on who you love,” it continues. “We don’t care where you pee — just please flush. It’s pretty simple, really.”

HB2 essentially makes it harder for any minority group to fight everyday discrimination. It also means that cities can’t change statewide laws. As Slipknot also explain, this doesn’t just affect minorities but also the working class, given that the state now has the final saw in wage standards even for private employers.

Slipknot are also taking steps to ensure they’re never in this situation again. They’ve partnered with LGBTQ advocacy group Equality NC who will be present at the upcoming show and available to chat to fans about the bill, how to get involved, and get registered to vote in North Carolina, so they can work towards repealing the bill.

Slipknot now join an ever-growing worthy mob including the aforementioned Weird Al, Pearl Jam, Against Me! and the whole of Moogfest to speak out against the law, which unfortunately is showing no signs of being lifted.

You can read Slipknot’s full statement below.

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