Weird Al To Honour North Carolina Tour Dates, Donate Personal Fee To LGBT Charity

Childhood hero-turn-adulthood hero for us all Weird Al Yankovic is the latest in a steady stream of artists to voice his disapproval of North Carolina’s recent anti-Trans laws, announcing on Facebook that while he will honour his erstwhile-announced tour dates for the region, he’ll be donating to a worthy charity.

As he explains in his post, “It was definitely not an easy choice” as he weighed up whether or not to pull the pin in protest of the new laws, however he decided not to punish a states-worth of loyal fans. Weird Al believes his fans would “also have a big problem with unfair, discriminatory legislation”, and rightfully so.

Yankovic will be donating his personal fee from the June 18th Greensboro show to the Human Rights Campaign, “America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality” he writes.

House Bill 2 – legislation which, amongst other things, prohibits transgender people from visiting certain bathrooms – has invoked the ire of many musicians. Pearl Jam announced they’d be cancelling their show in the area, while Against Me! performed with singer Laura Jane Grace burning her birth certificate on stage.

And now you done pissed off Weird Al, guys.

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