Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Says He Didn’t Even Realise He’d Broken His Neck

Slipknot‘s ineffable frontman Corey Taylor says he broke his neck “a while back” and just didn’t realise until now, proving once and for all that he’s either one of the toughest or most oblivious dudes in metal.

Since Slipknot were forced to postpone tour dates earlier this week so that Taylor could undergo emergency spinal surgery, the singer has explained to fans that he was blissfully unaware of his serious injury.

Shortly after this post, some began to question the legitimacy of Taylor’s emergency spinal surgery, while others suggested that he had been forced to quit smoking or had received his injury after too much head banging or too much, uh, something else…

There was also this beautifully terrible attempt at trolling…

…but Taylor hit back with his ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude and set them all straight, explaining that his neck injury was discovered during a routine physical, and that he quit smoking on his own terms and not for any other reason.

Taylor was quick to reassure fans that Slipknot’s upcoming North American shows are being postponed and not cancelled, while also making clear that Marilyn Manson will still be at the band’s upcoming US shows. Slipknot are set to tour Australia this October, and those dates appear to be unaffected by the US postponements, luckily.

Taylor’s neck injury has its upsides, though, with Corey re-tweeting this gem…

slipknot corey taylor twitter retweet axl rose 2016

He’s even got some extra height now, too…

Here’s to a speedy recovery!

Gallery: Slipknot @ Soundwave 2015, Melbourne / Photos: Brett Schewitz

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