Slipknot’s New Song ‘XIX’ Is Not For The Living

Soundwave-bound heavy metal outfit Slipknot have shared yet another song from their forthcoming album .5: The Gray Chapter, which is due out in only a few days.

Slipknot have taken to Facebook to unveil XIX, which can be streamed over at the official Slipknot website. Frontman Corey Taylor quietly begins XIX by saying, “This song… is not for the living. This song is for the dead.”

A cold and slow-moving melody sits above quiet electronic bleeps and glitchy samples, before Taylor cries, “With my face / Against the floor / I can see you knocked me out / Of the way / I don’t want / To get back up / But I have to, so it might as well be today.”

A plethora of tracks from .5: The Gray Chapter have leaked online over the past few weeks, despite Slipknot continuing to slowly offer up new material. So far, the group have revealed three songs from the album: Custer, The Devil In I and The Negative One. That said, official streams of other songs have momentarily appeared online.

As Ultimate Guitar reports, new tracks Skeptic, Killpop, AOV and Sarcastrophe were shared via the Roadrunner Records Soundcloud page, but were later removed.

.5: The Gray Chapter is set for release in Australia this Friday, 17th October.

Photos: Slipknot – Soundwave 2012 Sydney, 26/02/2012

Photos by Olivia Hadisaputra

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.5: The Gray Chapter Tracklist

01. XIX

02. Sarcastrophe

03. Aov

04. The Devil In I

05. Killpop

06. Skeptic

07. Lech

08. Goodbye

09. Nomadic

10. The One That Kills The Least

11. Custer

12. Be Prepared For Hell

13. The Negative One

14. If Rain Is What You Want

15. Override (Bonus Track)

16. The Burden (Bonus Track)

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