Slipknot Approach Original Violence On New Song ‘AOV’

Tomorrow is (un)officially Slipknot Day, as the band’s first album in six years, .5: The Gray Chapter is due to be unveiled on Friday, 17th October. With the record only one sleep away the heavy metal outfit have posted another tune to help tide over fans.

But you probably won’t catch any Zs if you’re blasting brand spanker AOV (Approaching Original Violence). Unlike yesterday’s Sarcastrophe, which wasted precious seconds on an extended intro, AOV doesn’t fuck about getting all up in your face.

Vocalist Corey Taylor opens up by screaming, “Black dirty teeth / In the grease / Was the proof / Too good to be believed?” before going into an almost Faith No More rock-rap delivery of, “So far it occurs to me / That everybody in the world is afraid of me”. It’s probably the masks, Corey.

When the pre-chorus strikes Taylor gives meaning to the acronym AOV, singing “We bury what we fear the most / Approaching original violence”. AOV is the sixth song the Soundwave-bound Slipknot have released ahead of dumping .5: The Gray Chapter.

To catch up have a listen to XIX, Custer, The Negative One, and Devil In I. For you super-mega fans that need to get their hand on everything Slipknot right now, the band have also made new track Killpop instantly available for anyone who pre-orders .5: The Gray Chapter.

But first, go ahead and crank AOV below.

Photos: Slipknot – Soundwave 2012 Sydney, 26/02/2012 / Photos by Olivia Hadisaputra

Listen: Slipknot – AOV

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