Smashing Pumpkins ‘Stage Clothes’ Stolen In Mexico, Recovered By Border Patrol

The Smashing Pumpkins have had a bit of a sour end to what was otherwise a splendid tour through Mexico. Last night, frontman Billy Corgan tweeted that all of the band’s ‘stage clothes’, bar those out of commission, had been stolen from their road cases.

Corgan checked in from the road, reporting bad news for Smashing Pumpkins’ fans, announcing that except for the items in the wash at the time, the band had their entire stage wardrobe pinched. The bad news part for the fans is somewhat unclear: surely the band wouldn’t cancel shows on account of this; surely any old T-shirt and jeans combo would work on stage…but anyway.

It’s hard to imagine that the crooks were on the run for long: all you’d need to do is look for the only people in Mexico wearing ‘Zero’ T-shirts and other grundged-out apparel. The border patrol didn’t seem to have too much trouble, having promptly busted the perps and returned all the items back to the band.

Check out the picture of the recovered haul. Jokes aside, anyone would be bummed loosing that much threadage.

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