Smiths Drummer Resents Morrissey Performing Smiths Songs

Morrissey has upset former Smiths bandmate Mike Joyce by playing the band’s songs during his set at last weekend’s Glastonbury festival.

Joyce, who was the Smiths’ drummer, vented his anger immediately following Morrissey’s Friday evening set via Twitter, saying, “Great performance from M at Glasto but didn’t like the cover versions. M was in the group…but not in the band, those tunes belong to them. The ‘band’were the musicians in The Smiths… Mozzer wasn’t in the ‘band’ M was the singer/lyricist in the group.”

As NME report, Joyce retracted his ‘cover version’ comment, but confirmed that he “just didn’t enjoy The Smiths songs”.

Morrissey played This Charming Man and Meat Is Murder along with three other Smiths songs during his Glastonbury set.

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