Smiths Tribute Band Release ‘Pig’s Mouth Strikes Again’ After David Cameron Allegations

The Iain Duncan Smiths, a Smiths tribute band, have released Pig’s Mouth Strikes Again, a song parodying the internet’s current favourite story that British PM David Cameron stuck his penis in a dead pig’s mouth during his university days. No kidding, this is the story du jour.

If you need a bit of context for some reason – an ex-British politician Lord Ashcroft is releasing an unauthorised biography of Cameron that alleges that there is photographic evidence of the British PM sticking his junk into a dead pig’s head as part of an initiation ritual at Oxford University.

The Iain Duncan Smiths’ response to it is, of course, an appropriation of The Smith’s Big Mouth Strikes Again and is predictably brilliant. It’s sung from the perspective of Cameron and features lyrics like, “And now I know just how that pig felt, now I know just how that pig felt, when I rocked up and put my pisser in its kisser and went at it full pelt.”

The group have done political parodies of Smiths tracks before, but this one has caught on more than any of its predecessors, clocking up thousands of SoundCloud plays in a matter of hours.

The full unauthorised biography Call Me Dave is being serialised by The Daily Mail in full this week. No doubt it will give The Iain Duncan Smiths an album worth of material.

This whole Cameron saga is really making Tony Abbott eating an onion look quite normal by comparison.

Listen: The Iain Duncan Smiths – Pig’s Mouth Strikes Again (feat. David Cameron)

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