James Franco’s Band Daddy Have Released Their The Smiths-Inspired Record Alongside An Hour-Long Film

James Franco‘s Band Daddy have released their debut album Let Me Get What I Want, inspired by The Smiths.

The band was given a record deal in November of last year and since then, they’ve been dropping bits and pieces including a bonkers, NSFW video.

Now, they’ve dropped the real deal – a full album released alongside a video for every single song on the record.

The whole record and its visuals are informed by The Smiths with the title of the album referencing The Smiths’ 1984 track Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want.

But that’s not where The Smiths connection ends. Smiths bassist Andy Rourke plays on every single song on the record, helping achieve that ‘Smiths sound’.

“We loved the sound of the English New Wave, especially the Smiths,” Franco said about the record in a press release (via FACT).

“The album was meant to reflect that, but with our own twists. The experiences of youth play so well into this sound.”

Check out the full thing below and prepare for your mind to be somewhat confused because, after all, it’s Franco we’re talking about.

Watch/Listen: Daddy – ‘Let Me Get What I Want’

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