Someone’s Remade Kanye Songs Into The Jazz Album You Never Knew You Needed

When you’ve got a spare two weeks on your hands the last thing you probably think of doing is making a jazz-inspired Kanye remix album but thank goodness someone did.

22 year-old Big Willy spent two weeks chopping up his favourite Kanye tracks and placing a jazz instrumental behind them to make a six-part remix record of sorts.

It’s called A Million A Minute and it merges together heaps of Kanye tracks from recent cuts to classics with Big Willy’s own instrumentals.

He recorded the piano and bass on the Garageband keyboard and then recorded saxophone over it. He finished it off with drums ripped from YouTube. Given the DIY approach, it’s an impressive effort that would probably even impress Yeezy himself.

“If I had to give a quote to sum up the medley, it’d be this one from his verse on Brand New (one of my fav ‘Ye features) ‘They don’t want to turn they speakers up, they claim I ain’t deep enough / all that talking I feed off of, keep it up’,” Big Willy told Pigeons & Planes.

Listen: Big Willy – A Million A Minute

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