Sophie Turner: “Justin Bieber Is The King Joffrey Of Our Time”

It’s only natural to liken real-life figures to characters and archetypes in popular works of fiction, whether comparing your math teacher to Nurse Ratched or that homeless guy to Willy Wonka. But Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner recently linked two figures that may as well be brothers.

“I was only 13 [when I joined Game of Thrones]. I was one of those girls that read OK! twelve times a week, and I was all ‘Ooh, Justin Bieber’— who is the Joffrey Baratheon of our time,” Turner, who plays Stansa Stark on the hit fantasy show (see Season 4 trailer here), told the Sunday Times.

Naturally, Turner is not the first to make such an obvious comparison. In fact, as point out, the Tumblr blog Joffrey Bieber exists for the sole reason of allowing “fiction’s biggest brat and real life’s biggest brat [to] become one,” and we gotta say, the results are pretty hilarious.

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